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What can I give my dog for joint pain? Five natural alternatives to prescription drugs

One of the most challenging things for a pet owner to go through is watching your loved one go through pain. Of course, the mainstream option is usually the first option for many people, and that involves prescription drugs from the vet. But this is 2020, and a pack of new heroes are emerging at the forefront of the fight against joint pain.

CBD oil

Many people are still opposed to giving their animal anything that is associated with cannabis. But CBD oil is emerging as an incredibly popular treatment for animals with various conditions. Giving your animal CBD oil is not like giving it cannabis. There are two primary compounds in cannabis. These are known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). The science behind these compounds is quite complicated, but a simple way of looking at it is that THC is the compound behind the psychoactive effect of cannabis (The part that gets you high). The other part (CBD) is what relaxes the body. It seems to achieve this by inducing a massive anti-inflammatory effect and by relaxing the muscles deeply.

The result of this effect, for the most part, seems to be a re-balancing of the body and a remarkable reduction in many conditions such as pain, anxiety and seizures. So, CBD is like giving your dog the anti-inflammatory effects of hemp without any high.


A diet high in sugar and processed foods can accelerate the process of cartilage breaking down in the joints of the body, therefore, bringing on the arthritic process much quicker.

The depletion of healthy collagen in the body is a natural part of the aging process, but that does not mean that it is gone forever. Lost collagen can be replaced through supplementation, and the earlier you begin providing additional collagen in your dog’s diet, the more likely you are to stave off problems.

Scientists have known about collagen for a long time. But, only recently have we begun to see it as a useful supplement in helping to rebuild the worn cartilage. Although the process of cartilage reconstruction is not a quick one, some studies have shown that collagen not only improves arthritic symptoms but brings a decrease in associated joint pain.

Collagen is available in many foods that your dog may eat, including most meats. But this type of collagen may not be the most efficient way of their body, absorbing it. Dog collagen supplements are designed to help deliver the maximum collagen to the required area as quickly as possible.


There are reports of people wearing turmeric around their necks in the old days to ward off evil spirits. While it is unlikely you will see such a display these days, turmeric is known for warding off the modern-day evil spirits of illness and pain.

The active ingredient of turmeric is curcumin. It is this incredible ingredient that gives turmeric it’s proven healing properties. Now curcumin dog supplements are emerging that are claimed to have a profound effect on reducing pain.

Healthline states that curcumin is strongly anti-inflammatory. In fact, it is so powerful that it matches the effectiveness of some anti-inflammatory drugs, without the side effects.

Curcumin is also fat-soluble, so it is best taken with fatty meals. Many of the dog supplements also contain piperine, the alkaloid responsible for the pungency of black pepper, which increases the ability of the body to absorb curcumin.


No more than ten years ago, acupuncture was still viewed by many as exotic mumbo jumbo. It is only in recent times that the incredible value of traditional Chinese medicine and particularly acupuncture has started to be respected. Of course, there are different skill levels within the field, but now acupuncture is being used in hospitals as a form of pain relief for people and animals

Acupuncture is far more than just sticking pins into someone’s face. We hear the term ‘‘meridians’’ and assume it to be an energetic process far more than a physical one. But acupuncture is a physical process – the meridians spoken of in Chinese medicine are the physical channels of the body that carry blood, oxygen and other compounds. Nowadays, many alternative vets are providing acupuncture to animals to relieve pain with great success.


The commercial dog food industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. The canning of waste meat products high in salt and preservatives has been the primary source of food for our dogs for many years. But science is now showing a link between poor diet and the onset of substantial inflammation leading to early onset of arthritis and other conditions. The same is happening in the human world. One of my friends was recently on the phone to me from the supermarket complaining that the cat food he had been feeding his cat for six months had sugar added to it. No wonder that cat was stacking on the weight.

It is gradually being proven that the best diet for an animal is one that simulates the menu it would be eating in the wild. For a dog, this means mostly fresh meat with a few greens and some water. Some would argue that a plant-based diet is better and for some dogs with high inflammation, no doubt this could be true.

One thing is for sure, the rise of the commercial pet food market has meant that many dogs are fed exclusively on canned food and many on dried food known as kibble. This dried food has particularly been shown to cause liver damage in dogs when consumed in excess. It seems what is essential is to feed your dog fresh food rather than processed food to aid the reduction of inflammation in the body.

Even if you don’t take your dog down an all-natural route, no-one could deny that supplementing your dog’s lifestyle with at least one of these natural remedies could be beneficial.

We. Collagen for Dogs

A natural collagen supplement for dogs​

Specially developed to keep your dog’s joints heathy, improve its coat volume, strengthen gums, stimulate digestion and support the immune system.

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We. Collagen for Dogs

A natural collagen supplement for dogs​

Specially developed to keep your dog’s joints healthy, improve its coat volume, strengthen gums, stimulate digestion and support the immune system.