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We recommend that your dog takes his WE.Collagen continuously for at least three months.

Any adverse effects related to the product are unlikely; however, if they do appear, please consult a veterinarian, before resuming its use.

Your dog must get a balanced diet, and in no way WE.Collagen is a substitute for healthy eating—however, WE.Collagen contains constituents, which are also in the feed but in a concentrated form. They will give your dog a boost in his diet to help him stay fit and active.

Not every dog’s organism reacts the same to WE.Collagen. Sometimes the results can be seen after 3 months of use, and sometimes sooner. Several factors are affecting the effects, such as dogs breed, age, diet, exercise and overall wellbeing.

Three of the WE.Collagen constituents are of animal origin; Hydrolysed collagen, glucosamine sulphate 2KCl, and chondroitin sulfate. All of them come from byproducts of the food and feed industry, that would otherwise go to waste.

To see optimal results, follow the recommended dosage written on the product label. If your dog accidentally consumes a higher dose, do not worry. WE.Collagen is complementary feed, not medicine, which means that its constituents are considered safe, even at higher doses, found in the recommended dosage.

WE.Collagen has a natural fish taste, which many dogs consider appealing. It will give them a nice, savoury treat.

WE.Collagen contains constituents, which are good for intestinal function. Adverse effects are unlikely.

The source of collagen is porcine hides, which obtained through enzymatic treatment, so that your dog’s ingestion may absorb it properly.