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New moments together

A natural collagen supplement for dogs

We. Collagen for Dogs

A natural collagen supplement for adult dogs

We have developed a special collagen formula intended especially for adult dogs above one year of age.

For many years collagen has been used by people to improve our skin, hair, joints and general wellbeing. With We. Collagen, dogs are starting to enjoy the same benefits.

Our collagen supplement is very versatile, whether you want to keep your dog’s joints healthy, improve its coat volume, strengthen gums or simply help your four-legged best friend stay fit and active for many years to come.

What is Collagen?

Crucial protein for your dog's health

Collagen is the most abundant protein in a dog’s body. It’s in every dog’s skin, gut, teeth and connective tissues, like joints, tendons, cartilage, ligaments.

As dogs age, their ability to produce collagen declines, making them more prone to injuries, painful conditions of joints and poor skin and coat health.

That is why We. Collagen for dogs is perfect for your dog to strengthen its natural defences and stay full of life and energy.


I need this my friend

Remember the other day you kept asking why I walk funny and told me I should keep up? Or when you had to carry me up to the apartment? Thank God I got skinnier.

And no, I don’t think the ball is stupid. It’s just that playing catch somehow gets to me lately. That’s why I take those afternoon naps. Also, be prepared to be late for work, I think I’ll start sleeping in from now on.

You think I don’t like the car anymore? Man, that’s the best, but that new SUV of yours is too hard to get into.

Oh and you know when I too cranky and I ruin our selfies? I’m just getting too old for this.

Man, I miss the old days.

Dogs love it!

Giulia Pilli
Giulia Pilli
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Roxy has always been scrappy, but this year we started to notice she was getting tired. Incredible how We. collagen brough her some extra energy, we still cannot believe it.

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Marvin started taking collagen just as summer began and the active period began. Marvin love to go by bike for long walks, running in front of the bike in the woods. Thanks to collagen it manages long walks, jogging, cycling, holidays. For beautiful fur. We will definitely continue with collagen in the future.

Emma Lateano
Emma Lateano
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After surgery for the rupture of the cruciate, Nello had a very quick recovery, legs are stronger, appetite is again like when he was young and coat is shining.

Martina Calbucci
Martina Calbucci
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Dory has much more energy since we are using the product. She is more active and with more endurance. Coat is visibly getting better and the product is highly appetible.

Micol di Francesco
Micol di Francesco
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Brando is much more active, and he is jumping like crazy.

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The dog is happy to consume it. Having the product in liquid form makes it more usable and serviceable. I am used to pills that I always have to pulverize, and my dog is smart enough to find it.


Longer walks

We know you do’t feel like it but it’s good exercise. And remember the good looking ones are always at the park across the city.

More energy

Yep, the ball games are back in play. Tom’s cat isn’t safe quite yet. No more lazy Sundays. Thinking about some hide and seek too.

Dashing looks

More jealous looks, more awwws, more grooming days. Less hair on the bed so no more excuses. And the best, more stunning selfies.

New moments together

We are the best of friends. We do everything together.

We get up together. We eat together. We bark together. We laugh. We cry. We’re too cute when we tilt our heads trying to say something. We have the best conversations. Sometimes we piss each other off. But we’re always there for each other.

We even look a bit alike. And we’re beautiful. We like the same kind of people. We make friends together. Not everyone likes us.

We can be silly and stupid. Sometimes we even shower together. That’s the coolest.

We like to travel. We like to run. We like to play hard. Or watch Lassie for the 100th time and fall asleep together.

We just are. Together forever.