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Wellbeing and happiness for adult dogs

A natural collagen supplement
We. Collagen for dogs box+bottle

Wellbeing and happiness for adult dogs

A natural collagen supplement
We. Collagen for dogs box+bottle

WE. Collagen

Special collagen formula for dogs

We have developed a special collagen formula intended especially for adult dogs above one year of age.

For many years collagen has been used by people to improve our skin, hair, joints, and general wellbeing. With WE. Collagen, dogs are starting to enjoy the same benefits.

Our collagen supplement is very versatile, whether you want to keep your dog’s joints healthy, improve its coat volume, strengthen gums or simply help your four-legged best friend stay fit and active for many years to come.

What is Collagen?

Crucial protein for your dog's health

Collagen is the most abundant protein in a dog’s body. It’s in every dog’s skin, gut, teeth, and connective tissues, like joints, tendons, cartilage, ligaments.

As dogs age, their ability to produce collagen declines, making them more prone to injuries, painful conditions of joints, and poor skin and coat health.

That is why WE. Collagen for dogs is perfect for your dog to strengthen its natural defenses and stay full of life and energy.


Dogs Love It!

Many dogs enjoy the benefits of WE. Collagen

New Moments Together

Only the best for your dog!

Dogs need love, care, and attention that every good dog owner loves to provide. They also need quality nutrition to develop and maintain their functional ability that enables wellbeing in later years.

We believe your dog deserves only the best. That is why our liquid collagen formula contains high-quality active ingredients without any added sugar.

Dogs are special beings that sometimes need special treatment and while pills, tablets, and powders are really hard to administer, we took a more “dog-friendly” approach. We created collagen for dogs in liquid form, with a taste that your dog will absolutely love.

We want you to enjoy every moment with your dog and we want to help you create many more… new moments together.

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