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How To Keep Your Dog Joints Healthy, Benefit Of Collagen And MSM

How To Keep Your Dog Joints Healthy, Benefit Of Collagen And MSM

Sometimes you may notice that your dog is having a hard time walking or doing his normal activities. Joint pain may be to blame for this. Dogs can also suffer from joint problems, like humans and other animals.

Chronic joint pain in dogs depends on many factors. It is the duty of dog owners to closely monitor their pet for changes in behavior and signs of the development of joint pain.
If you want to know how to keep your dog’s joints healthy, the joint problems that can affect the dog, and what the benefits of collagen and MSM, here are some interesting facts.

Joint problems that can affect dogs

Joint pain or problems in dogs can occur due to many factors. Some common factors are:


Arthritis is a common problem in many dogs that affects the joints of dogs and causes discomfort, pain, and stiffness. Arthritis is defined as the process in which the cartilage within the joint becomes damaged over time. As a result, the bones rub against each other, causing pain and discomfort.

The rubbing of the bones affects the cartilage and increases the friction between the joints. New tissues develop around the joints that make the joint stiffer, and it will be very difficult for your dog to move.

According to recent studies, about 1 in 4 dogs out of 77.2 million domestic dogs are diagnosed with arthritis in the United States.


If your dog already suffers from arthritis, an injury can even make the problem worse. Joint injuries, if not treated properly, can cause pain and affect your dog’s movement. There is a greater chance of arthritis in those dogs that sustain injuries later in life.

In old age, the bones will not heal properly, and the pain and aches in the joints will persist for a long time. Injuries in dogs are a degenerative problem, and if not treated properly, the damage can increase. Similarly, joint injuries at a young age can cause developmental problems and lead to pain later in life.

Legg calve Perthes disease

There are certain diseases other than arthritis that can affect the dog’s joints and cause joint damage. These diseases are related to the bones themselves, the joints’ cartilage, and the tendons surrounding the tissues.
One such problem is Legg calve Perthes disease, also known as aseptic necrosis of the femoral head. In this problem, the blood supply is reduced to the femur’s upper part, including the joints. This decreased blood supply will cause bone degeneration, and your puppy will be in pain as a result. This problem is very common in miniature and toy dog breeds, according to recent research.

Breed Predisposition

Larger dog breeds are more prone to joint problems than smaller ones. This is because large breeds have more weight to carry and will cause more wear and tear on the joints. Some dog breeds that are more prone to joint problems include:

  • Golden Retriever
  • German Shepherd
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Newfoundland
  • Dachshund
  • Rottweiler
  • Bernard
  • Great Dane


How to keep your dog joints healthy?

There are different ways to keep your dog’s joints healthy. Some of them are:

Keep your dog slim and smart

Being overweight and obese is one of the biggest problems that can cause stress on the joints. Weight gain means that there will be additional pressure on your dog’s joint, and as a result, the bones will move closer together, causing increased friction. If you feed your dog a healthy and balanced diet and control his weight, there is less chance that he will suffer from joint problems.

Give them a proper diet

A healthy diet means a healthy body. Giving your dog healthy dietary ingredients and supplements will improve joint health and quality of life.

Proper Exercise & Strengthening

Proper exercise and games are very important in keeping your dog healthy. Routine walking and exercise can keep your dog physically active and prevent joint problems. Always choose an exercise or physical activity for your dog carefully.

Take them for a less stressful exercise

If your dog is suffering from arthritis, it means that his joint is destabilized. If you take him into stressful activities like jumping, running, and catching, it will have a disastrous effect on his joint health. For such dogs, you can lead them to less stressful exercises that keep them safe and stimulated.

Swimming is a low-impact exercise, and taking your pup for a swim in a nearby lake will improve his joint health. A good walk around the block is good for a dog with arthritis. It will relax your body and mind.

Use of Joint supplements

Most pet owners incorporate supplements when joint health has been compromised but starting early supplementation can be helpful in maintaining healthy joints and bones. So don’t wait until it’s late.

Many of the joint supplements available on the market contain a combination of ingredients. Recent studies have also revealed that combining supplements is always better than using one to reduce joint pain and increase overall effectiveness.

These are the most effective and common ingredients used in joint supplements:

Collagen: Role and benefits

Collagen is one of the effective ingredients that is widely used in joint supplements. In clinical trials, collagen has shown significant improvements in osteoarthritis, such as decreased lameness and increased mobility.

Collagen is naturally present in the dog’s body, which forms the skin, hair, and joints, but it decreases in the body with age. You have to supplement the dog’s diet with collagen to keep the joint healthy.

Collagen is considered a broad-spectrum supplement, especially in the treatment of osteoarthritis due to its high bioavailability. It can repair joints at the cellular level and reduce inflammation and pain effectively.


MSM is also used in joint supplements due to its significant benefits in reducing inflammation and joint regeneration. It is actually natural sulfur, but it has fewer side effects.

It is a natural pain reliever as it can block pain impulses from nerve fibers. MSM can enhance cortisol activity, which is a natural anti-inflammatory hormone present in the dog’s body.
According to a study, evaluating the safety and efficacy of MSM in an OA animal model, it is observed that there is a decrease in cartilage degeneration of the knee joint surface of the mice after 13 weeks of ingestion of MSM.

Best natural joint supplement for dogs

If you are looking for a versatile collagen supplement that can maintain your dog’s joints’ health, then We. Collagen for dogs will suit you best.

It is specially designed for adult dogs to maintain the health of joints. It can also improve coat volume, strengthen gums, and keep your furry companion fit and healthy.

One of the best things about this formula is that it also contains MSM and glucosamine. Therefore, this amazing combination can work wonders in preventing and controlling joint pain and problems.

Dogs can suffer from joint problems at any age. As responsible pet parents, you should closely examine your dog for the problem at an early stage so that it can be diagnosed and treated effectively. Always consult your veterinarian before using any supplement or medication.

We. Collagen for Dogs

A natural collagen supplement for dogs​

Specially developed to keep your dog’s joints heathy, improve its coat volume, strengthen gums, stimulate digestion and support the immune system.

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We. Collagen for Dogs

A natural collagen supplement for dogs​

Specially developed to keep your dog’s joints healthy, improve its coat volume, strengthen gums, stimulate digestion and support the immune system.