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A talk with our Ambassadors

A talk with our Ambassadors

During the months before the launch of We. we approached several curious that have shown interest in our product and decided to test it out before its availability on the market. So today we would like to share some of the insights we have compiled thanks to the help of our ambassadors.

Let’s get it started!


A: Why were you intrigued by the WE. Collagen and have you, therefore, decided to start trying it?

G:I was happily impressed when I finally found a product made for adult dogs; on the market usually, most of the attention is focused on puppies. But dogs become adults faster than us, and so they need a passport to prevent many problems they might incur with the years: Who doesn’t want to see the dog active and fit more many years to come?”

B: “Since day 1, I am always looking for food and supplements that are not just good, but for products that help the dog feels better. When I first noticed We.collagen for dogs, I thought that a collagen supplement for an active and working dog would have been good to try!”

 C: “I was surprised by the fact that a collagen product has been developed for dogs. For a long time, I have associated collagen products with human beings.

 I started to use it on my dogs to strengthen their fur, the immune system and prevent arthritis problems that would eventually incur with the years.

 I strongly believe in an excellent natural remedy, not invasive, and extremely useful for preventing bad health conditions. I always embrace the philosophy of saying: “Prevent is better than cure.”

A: After understanding what WE. Collagen in made for, did you think you would have been able to fight problems that the dog may be experiencing / has experienced over the years? If so, which ones?

G: “I have many dogs but the first one I thought would have been the most appropriate tester is Roxy, who has just turned 10. My husband and I were  feeling bad when we have started to notice the signs of aging, both in her appearance and behavior. She is a dog who has maintained a way of being a puppy and seeing her tried it hurts. “

G: “I’m very skeptical about any product, until I see results, I don’t usually believe in them.

I thought, however, that maybe it could really solve alopecia problems and maybe make the joints more flexible. “

C: “Cockers tend to develop dermatitis often; they have very delicate skin, prone to skin irritation. So with We. I can help them prevent these irritations and strengthen the coat!

In addition, my little cocker has a back knee problem (fortunately not serious) but that will certainly get worse over time and therefore with age. I believe We. in this sense it is an excellent ally for strengthening bones. “

A: What changes have you noticed over the time since the start of WE.Collagen?

G: “The results have arrived sooner than I could have imagined, the hair is thicker and shinier, during the game he jumps and runs as he did when he was younger. Also, he is now crunching without problems.”

C: “The hair is thicker, shinier and more robust!

Ettore and Marlis are more active, have more energy and I see that physically their immune defences have risen making them stronger.

Also, when added to their food, it gives the meal that extra touch that makes everything tastier. “

G: “The hair of the dogs is thick now, and the loss is no longer excessive as before.

I also noticed that one of my dogs’ cyst was reabsorbed by the skin.

A: What do you especially like about WE. Collagen?

C: “The product is healthy and balanced. made with great care and love!

It is very useful for the physical, but also mental well-being of our furry ones.

I really like the fact that it is a completely natural product, therefore absolutely non-invasive, in respect of our 4-legged friend. “

A: Why would you recommend WE. Collagen?

G: “I would recommend We. Collagen to everyone because all puppies deserve to have the healthiest life possible and always feel fit and happy. “

B: “I recommend it to those with dogs that do regular physical activity or have skin and coat problems because it is a great support for the body.”

C: “Because it is essential!! We can no longer live without it. It is a quality product, made with excellent ingredients, for the protection of our furry friends.

I believe it is a healthy and genuine product, with great potential to prevent diseases and help our 4-legged friends to feel good! “

We. Collagen for Dogs

A natural collagen supplement for dogs​

Specially developed to keep your dog’s joints heathy, improve its coat volume, strengthen gums, stimulate digestion and support the immune system.

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We. Collagen for Dogs

A natural collagen supplement for dogs​

Specially developed to keep your dog’s joints healthy, improve its coat volume, strengthen gums, stimulate digestion and support the immune system.