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Why liquid collagen supplements are better for dogs than pills and powders

Why liquid collagen supplements are better for dogs than pills and powders-min

Different types of nutritional supplements are required to enhance the health status of your dog. Among these, liquid collagen plays a crucial role. It is a type of nutritional supplement that promises improved muscle mass, skin elasticity and apprehend signs of aging in your four-legged companion. Besides, collagen supports the structure of the body by holding tissues together.

Furthermore, according to a research-based study at Ghent University, Merelbeke, Belgium, liquid supplements’ palatability is more than pills and powder formulas. Likewise, the liquid collagen supplements are also highly palatable by dogs that fulfill the need for the body’s structural integrity and the digestive tract’s lining.

What do you know about liquid collagen supplements?

Collagen is the most abundant protein present in the body, vital for bones, cartilage, and connective tissues. Is the liquid collagen supplement something different from ordinary collagen supplements? It is more likely the same thing with the difference in water content and dilution that dogs preferable by dogs, thus mitigating the owner’s worry.
Liquid collagen comprises collagen peptides that are present in liquid form. These peptides are quickly broken down by a dog’s body into smaller elements, making them easily absorbable. The primary source of collagen supplements is the collagen present in the connective tissues of animals like;

  1. Fish
  2. Pigs
  3. Cows
  4. Chickens


Types of liquid collagen

Liquid collagen type matters when you are assuming the feasibility of collagen intake and your dog’s preference. The right choice of collagen supplement without added sugar is beneficial for the dog’s daily life activity. Dogs taking the liquid collagen supplements are more likely to develop stronger joints than those who are not taking them at all.

Moreover, different types of liquid collagen are available in the market, but wisely choose the one that compensates for the collagen demands in older age. WE. Collagen for a dog is precisely manufactured on the same mission. Let’s come up with types of liquid collagen.

Pre-made drinks

Typically, collagen is extracted from animal sources and then converted into powder forms. The pre-made drinks contain the collagen dissolved in them that your dog will take it easy. The perfect usage of these drinks depends upon the owner’s choice.

You can offer these liquid collagen supplements solely or by mixing in other food items of your dog’s choice to enhance the palatability.

Powder forms

Collagen supplements are also available in powder forms, but the main drawback is the struggle to convert them into liquid form. On the contrary, the pre-made you can choose according to your dog’s willingness
These powder forms of collagen can be mixed in warm water and foods that, after blending thoroughly, are ready to serve. Some dogs don’t show an appetite for foods having powder collagen. The reason may be the changed foods’ taste or difficulty in swallowing.

Why are liquid supplements superior to pills?

It is all up to you, like either you will make the supplement’s intake an easy process or struggling for your dog. Nutritional supplements for dogs are available in liquid as well as in pill form. The main drawback of pill supplementation is that they are challenging to hide compared to liquid formulations.

Manufacturers use special chemicals and suspensions for the coating of pills that may prove harmful. Moreover, supplementation in pill form needs hard work by the body for the breakdown. At the same time, liquid supplements are easily breakable and are readily available.

Are liquid nutritional supplements better palatable for dogs?

Liquid and hydrated nutritional supplements are easy to take by dogs. The main reason behind this is that they find it difficult to swallow some odd solid things regardless of their appetite. The liquid composition plays a crucial role in increasing the appetite, according to the study conducted by Ghent University, Merelbeke, Belgium.

Anorexia is a common condition in dogs, but liquid nutritional supplements successfully stimulate the appetite and palatability in various age groups. Moreover, they perform a traditional two-pan preference test to check the level of acceptance in 60 dogs. In which they offer different dilutions of liquid nutritional supplements.

They divide the liquid nutritional supplements (LNS) into three dilution forms, i.e., LNS50, LNS70, and LNS100. These LNS were easily preferred by these dogs, which clearly shows that liquid supplementation must be the choice of supplementation for your dogs to enhance digestibility.
Similarly, liquid collagen supplementation is easily preferred to healthy dogs’ pills and powder form. So, before deciding on collagen supplements for your loyal family member, you must pay attention to these facts.

Is the type and source of hydrated collagens affect their properties?

Hydrolyzed collagens are the type of collagens with a low molecular weight obtained by the enzymatic degradation at a specific temperature. The source of hydrated collagens can be different, ranging from cattle to pigs. The properties of hydrated collagens vary depending upon the source of extraction.

Furthermore, the properties that are dependent on the source of extraction are:

  • The molecular weight of peptides
  • Solubility
  • Functional activity

That’s why it is wise to pay attention to the source of collagen while purchasing collagen supplements for better consequences.

How much liquid collagens does a dog need?

Sometimes, dog owners are in the habit of serving collagens in the natural diet. In this case, avoid overdosing on the dog because the excess of everything is bad. In the case of supplements, the amount of collagen depends on size and body weight.

Moreover, in practice, it is normal to see that dogs are in love with liquid collagen supplementation due to its appealing taste and high digestibility. Sometimes it is also evident that people use collagen supplementation to hide medication.

For a better experience, seek guidance from your vet for the exact dosages of collagen supplements, or you can get here.

Final Thoughts

The liquid collagen supplement is something that your dog needs for smoother digestive functions, joint pain relief, and osteoarthritis—the liquid preparation like WE. Collagen seems to enhance the digestibility of collagens thus is superior to other pills and powder formulations.

Being a dog owner, it is your foremost duty to take care of your dog’s look and health. So, be smart and choose the right product for your dog.


We. Collagen for Dogs

A natural collagen supplement for dogs​

Specially developed to keep your dog’s joints heathy, improve its coat volume, strengthen gums, stimulate digestion and support the immune system.

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We. Collagen for Dogs

A natural collagen supplement for dogs​

Specially developed to keep your dog’s joints healthy, improve its coat volume, strengthen gums, stimulate digestion and support the immune system.